Double Eagle Hotel and Casino Review

Review of the Casino and Double Eagle Hotel

One of 40 gaming venues housed in the position is the Casino and Double Eagle Hotel, which is situated in downtown Cripple Creek, Colorado. The Double Eagle, one of Cripple Creek‘s largest games, provides two floors of well-liked system and table games options, contemporary hotel rooms and suites, and two eateries.

Whether players prefer to play with money or coins, there is something to suit everyone at the game. There are almost 500 slot machines on the gambling floor, ranging from penny slots to high-limit systems.

A casino table and two casino tables are also available at the Double Eagle. Video poker game is available among the many entertainment systems, even though the casino does not offer live casino. The Gold Creek Casino, which is also owned by Double Eagle Resorts Inc. and offers a wide variety of table games choices for players to love, is connected to the Twin Eagle for an easy game experience.

Colorado casinos are moving quickly to find sports betting companions then that sports gambling is permitted in the position. PointsBet and Double Eagle Resorts Inc. have partnered to introduce the company’s online betting service, , to Centennial State.

Casino and Double Eagle Hotel

Target: Cripple Creek, Colorado, 442 E. Bennett Ave.
Owner / Operator: Double Eagle Resorts Inc.
Hours: 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
Casino games: 462 slots and video poker, two blackjack tables, roulette table
Sportsbook: PointsBet
Poker: Live poker available at neighboring locations

Sportsbook at Double Eagle Casino

In Cripple Creek, one of Colorado’s most well-known mountain gambling cities, Double Eagle and PointsBet have collaborated to create an all-inclusive financial sportsbook.

A multi-screen videos and odds display wall, as well as a variety of gaming options for customers to use while watching their teams at the on-site sports bar, may be part of the venue. Additionally, the book will host viewing parties and special gatherings for important sporting events and games.

In Australia’s activities betting market, PointsBet is a significant person. With live online gaming apps in both New Jersey and Indiana, PointsBet is currently working to expand its expertise and company to the US.

As of May 2020, Colorado residents had not yet legalized sports gambling, but PointsBet had already announced its intention to establish a minute US office in Denver in 2019. Using a gaming structure that improves the gambler’s experience, PointsBet asserts to provide all of the conventional gambling markets.

The two businesses hope to be successful in Cripple Creek and across the state thanks to Double Eagle’s business space and PointsBet, which offers high-quality technology and an innovative strategy to sports betting.

Casino and Double Eagle Hotel gaming

Offering the latest and greatest in gaming, the Casino and Double Eagle Hotel features a wide selection of slots and video poker from well-known companies such as IGT, Bally and Aristocrat. While visiting the Double Eagle, gamblers can expect to find some of their favorite traditional and mainstream slot machines on the casino floor, including Star Trek, Zodiac Lion, Wheel of Fortune and Wizard of Oz.

The Double Eagle casino, which has nearly 16, 000 square feet of gaming space, offers a variety of coin slots, video poker, baccarat, half-dollar, current dollar, old-time quarter, and high-limit slot machines. The Double Eagle slot machines employ a straightforward ticket-in, solution – out method for convenience, enabling players to move from device to machine without difficulty.

The recently renovated Premier Terrace, which houses the resort’s contemporary money and high-limit slot machines, is one of the most well-liked gaming places in the establishment.

The Double Eagle provides board games like blackjack and roulette in addition to its thrilling atmosphere and vibrant selection of modern gaming. The Double Eagle frequently features Premier part contests and lived DJ music on Saturday night to add to the pleasure.

Casino and Double Eagle Hotel Premier Club

The Casino and Double Eagle Hotel encourages its guests to sign up for Premier Club, the casino’s rewards program. Sign-up is free and members can immediately begin earning points towards compensations and rewards. Double Eagle hosts and ambassadors can help guests sign up at the front desk on the first floor.

Post offers, member-only benefits, and other benefits are available at Premier Club. A one-time award of 50 gameplay points and a$ 10 welcome bonus toward gameplay are given to new members on the day they sign up.

Points are accumulated through gameplay, and guests can earn points while taking advantage of the numerous gaming opportunities at the Casino and Double Eagle Hotel. Points must be redeemed within six months, but spending points shouldn’t be too difficult as there is a nice selection of slot machines and dining options where gamers can reap the benefits of their rewards.

Members are currently eligible to redeem up to$ 40 per day in food compensations, and every 100 points earned can be exchanged for$ 10 worth of food.

The Premier Club card is loaded with food funds that can be used at any of the resort’s franchises. These funds must be used by people within 24 hrs.

Members can also use any of the casino, s slots to redeem their play points. In particular, 100 gameplay points can be exchanged for$ 1.

The Play and Stay campaign at the casino is one example of an exhilarating redemption and special offer that Premier cardholders can take advantage of. At the Premier Club, members can exchange 250 perform items for a room at the opulent hotel of the casino in exchange for payment. To be eligible for Only on Friday and Saturday mornings are members eligible for this forgiveness, which requires them to use up their factors before midnight on the day of their stay.

The fidelity program offers electric entry into the resort’s regular giveaway event in addition to the thrilling compensations and ongoing promotions of Premier Club. Members receive one digital entrance into the bar’s Saturday giveaway for every 20 points they earn while playing slots.

Additionally, members have the chance to use their enjoy points to enter the resort’s ongoing slot tournaments. High rollers have the option of spending extra points to take part in many tournaments.

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The Double Eagle Hotel and Casino features

The Double Eagle Hotel and Casino, one of Cripple Creek’s biggest gambling establishments, offers roomy hotel areas, fine dining, and 24-hour gambling entertainment.

The Double Eagle Hotel, ideally located above the casino floors, provides cozy and opulent shelter in its smoke-free apartments and villas. Every visitor over 21 receives a$ 12 breakfast credit to Lombard , the largest restaurant in the casino, at the Premier Club on the first floor where hotel check-in is located.

All blackjack and hotel guests can take advantage of The Double Eagle’s pleasant, hassle-free man or self-park. Additionally, each conventional area has free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, coffee makers, and other common facilities.

Over 150 roomy motel rooms are available at the Double Eagle Hotel, which also has a few political and executive suites. The business offers guests unique opportunities for discounted and free areas, upgraded trips, and more throughout the year through annual offers and special deals. Since the Double Eagle frequently offers member-only accommodation upgrades and promotions, these benefits are especially wonderful for Premier Club members.

Lunch possibilities at the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino

Two on-site restaurants and a 24-hour club for late-night drinks and snacks are available at The Double Eagle.

Lombard’s: Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is situated on the lower levels of the game. Although the informal restaurant is well-known for its breakfast promotions and mouthwatering sandwiches, the menu options are extensive.

Winfield’s: With its location away from the commotion of the game ground, the establishment provides the ideal setting for a private meal or leisurely beverage. The eatery, which won the 2019 OpenTable , Diner & # 8237, s Choice Award, is ideal for patrons who value a fine dining experience. The menu at Winfield includes premium steaks, hearty pasta, and seafood. The club offers a late-night list for Cripple Creek’s night bird gamblers, but the entire menu is only available during normal service hours.

History of the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino

In August 1996, the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino began operations. The Double Eagle, which was the biggest betting formation in town when it first opened, has since attracted both Colorado bettors and visitors. Up until the Wildwood Casino’s opening in 2008, it continued to be the biggest gaming hub.

One of the few gambling establishments in the ancient city to start from scratch rather than opening its doors in one of Cripple Creek’s ancient structures and other casinos was the locally owned Double Eagle.

The Double Eagle has a newer and more contemporary approach to its casino floor and hotel while still maintaining its historic town , s Victorian ambiance. This is especially true of the casino , which has a striking glass ceiling that fills the gaming area with natural light.

Visitors to Colorado , a gambling establishment in the Vegas style, will almost certainly enjoy the casino & apos; its roomy gaming areas, cutting-edge machines, and attentive staff. The Double Eagle maintains friendly staff members and the down-to-Earth service that has come to be associated with Colorado, s mountain casino towns, even though it offers a contemporary gambling experience.