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Visit PlayinСolorado for details on all legal activities gambling and gambling in Colorado. You can find out more about who we are, the motivations behind our actions, and— most importantly — how to get in touch with us regarding the aforementioned problems.

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The goal of our website is to provide Coloradans with access to a variety of trustworthy information articles, educational resources, and information on the top sportsbooks and bonus offers that are genuinely provided in the Centennial State. We want to provide you with the information you require to hazard more responsibly and wisely.

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Who is in charge of PlayinСolorado?

Every piece of content on PlayinСolorado has been meticulously written, edited, and reviewed. We don’t accept guest entries or article user-generated information on the website. Every word is the result of days of research, and each staff member brings years of experience to the table. In other words, every piece of information you find on PlayinСolorado is written by highly skilled professionals who write about playing for a life. The individuals responsible for the excellent work you find on PlayinСolorado are listed below:

Chief Editor: Dorothy Severson

The managing director of PlayinСolorado is Dorothy. She combines her announcement background with her experience in game and love of sports to provide the most current news and information on Colorado athletics gaming and online gaming. As an Arizona native who has lived that her entire life, she brashly supports the Phoenix Suns. Dorothy’s mind, however, is a part of her top sports team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rodney Hollar writes for PlayinСolorado as a contributing artist.

Rodney Hollar is a poet for the NBA and Denver Nuggets who frequently contributes to PlayinСolorado with his in-depth expertise in professional sports. He has covered the NBA for about eight days and is a local of Southern California.

Find out more about Rodney Hollar here.

Richard Hooley is a writer for PlayinСolorado who contributes.

Richard Hooley  is pleased to be able to help the growth of the industry and supports healthy, legal wagers. He incorporates his knowledge of theory, activities, and gambling into his reading.

PlayinСolorado is a cause for Willis Robey.

Willis Robey usually works in and around important competitions as a native horses racing and fight sports wagering expert at PlayinСolorado &. He is a writer and athlete writer who has received several national honors. Additionally, he contributes to magazines like IGaming Player and the Press of Atlantic City’s NFL gaming areas.

About Willis-Robey, learn more.

Author of PlayinСolorado: William Rushing

William, a fourth-generation Coloradan and experienced sports journalist with more than 30 years of experience covering everything from preps to experts, is eager to assist in understanding this burgeoning U.S. industry.

Find out more about William Rushing here.

PlayinСolorado Content Manager: Cesar Lundberg

Cesar Lundberg manages the sites for some of the biggest gambling markets in the US, including PlayNJ.com, PlayNY.com and PlayPennslyvania.com. He’s also an analyst and content manager for PlayinСolorado. He has covered the sports betting and gambling industry for over three years and is now leading the charge in the most influential markets to potentially launch online casinos. A University of He is a student of Northern Colorado and has covered college and professional sports in journalism for more than ten years. He and his wife’s three animals, the brothers Cheech and Chong, quietly manage their home.

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who we are

PlayinСolorado is a part of the Catena Media program. Many websites are run and owned by Catena Media is present all over the US, and they all cover the legal gambling industry in every state. Every gambling site we discuss is a restricted and regulated object in the state where it is situated. To put it another way, we at PlayinСolorado did not mention or assess any gambling organisation that was not a Colorado state government-approved enterprise.

Catena Media is a licensed and authorized distributor in Colorado.

# 94433550 is effective as of May 22, 2020.

According to state law, a Vendor Major License is required for any person or entity acting on behalf of an establishment authorized to engage in sports betting, as well as for that establishment to provide the company with goods, services, data, or both, and / or to get some of the game revenue from the establishment’s sports betting game system.

A multimedia affiliates website is called PlayinСolorado. While you might consider advertisements on trustworthy I games websites, the advertisers’ sponsors have no control over our editorial content. Our online interactions with these companies have led to the creation of each of these advertisements. We do not accept any kind of paid advertising offer.

Our operating procedure

We are aware that there are many options for information available online, especially in Colorado where registered online sports betting is legal. What you read isn’t always reliable. We go over a number of different methods and techniques to make sure you may believe what you read on PlayinСolorado.

We begin by gathering information as near to the cause as possible. When discussing the law, we use the vocabulary that the condition government published. When we discuss bills in the State Legislature, we speak with the payers. The Division of Gaming’s accounts are usually the source of any statistics you see. PlayinСolorado scarcely ever records on unreliable information or rumours, end of story.

Join forces with us.

Catena Media is growing quickly! If you would like to join a team that covers every aspect of the legitimate entertainment industry in the US, whether it be in Colorado or abroad, we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for writers and reporters who want to work in the burgeoning entertainment sector. Visit the jobs section of the Catena Media web to see what opportunities we’re trying to fill. Alternately, send us an email to let us know how we can help one another.