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5280 Denver&;s Mile High Magazine / May 2023&; — 3 Years Into Colorado&;s Sports Betting Experiment&;

The relatively low tax rate of 10 % is a key reason why so many casinos visit Colorado, according to Ian St. Clair, an analyst for, which covers the express & ’s online gaming industry. & , Second, Colorado offers a huge wagering selection, enabling customers to place bets on anything. & rdquo,

CBS Denver / March 7, 2022 (Conor McCue)Colorado Suspends Betting On Russian & Belarusian Sports In Response To Invasion Of Ukraine&;

Since gambling became legal throughout the state in 2020, Coloradans have wagered billions of dollars both electronically and at games. Bets on several Russian and Belarusian groups, including table tennis, which Colorado bookmakers have been obsessed with since the start of the pandemic, contributed a small portion of that pie. & rdquo,

The Denver Gazette / Jan. 31, 2022 (Wayne Heilman)Colorado sports bets decline for second consecutive month

According to & , the$ 461.4 million win in December was down 2.9 percent from November but away more than 60 % from December 2020. Bet also experienced a moderate decline in November. The three highest monthly totals since Colorado legalized sports betting in May 2020 were bets, which totaled more than$ 1.4 billion in the final three months of last year. & rdquo,

The Center Square / Feb. 1, 2022 (Robert Davis)Over $5B wagered by Colorado sports bettors since legalization

The state’s bettors placed more than$ 461 million in December, a slight decrease from November and their overall control of . According to CDOR & ’s data, the handle for December is more than$ 62 % higher than that of December 2020, and its annualized increase is greater than$ 281 million. & rdquo,

Denver Business Journal / Dec. 2, 2021 (Nick Greenhalgh)Colorado sports-betting shows no signs of slowing with October record

& , total gambling revenue increased by 11.6 percent to a report$ 28.6 million in October, up from$ 27.7 million earlier. The previous money record of$ 23. 1 million was set in January of this year. & rdquo,

Yahoo! and The Center Square / Sept. 9, 2021 (Derek Draplin)Sports betting company to open tech hub in Colorado

The online sports betting company Tipico plans to open a location in Colorado that will increase the number of jobs available by more than 400 people, according to & lquo. & rdquo,

CBS Denver / Sept. 27, 2021 (Jeff Todd)Sports Betting In Colorado To Be ‘Astronomical&; During Football Season

& , Colorado has amassed more than$ 10 million in taxes since its founding and is surpassing pre-pandemic projections. The majority of the creative financing for the place will go to the Colorado Water Plan, which was just given millions a few weeks ago. & rdquo,

Denver Business Journal / May 21, 2021 (Ed Sealover)One year in, Colorado sports betting booms — but tax revenue sags

Colorado had the third-highest full of sports gambling for any state in the first 12 weeks of legalized gambling, but it only generated around$ 6.6 million in tax revenue. & rdquo,

The Denver Post / April 26, 2020 (Tiney Ricciardi) — Colorado sports betting set to launch May 1 with most teams sidelined and state&;s casinos closed

Colorado sports gambling is anticipated to generate$ 6 billion in annual gambling and$ 400 million in revenue once the industry matures, according to Dustin Gouker, chief scientist for The state could generate$ 40 million annually to fund initiatives like the Colorado Water Plan and include a 10 % tax on money made from sports betting. & rdquo,