Easy Street Casino Review

Easy Street Casino Review

Easy Street Casino, one of 40 games in the position, is located on the historic Main Street of Central City, Colorado. Easy Street, which has been available since Dec. 7, 2000, is one of two games owned by G. F. Gaming Corporation, a town family-owned business.

A gambling machine-only organisation, The Easy Street Casino is well known for its welcoming atmosphere and popular modern and classic game. The casino also offers a number of traditional coin-operated equipment for gamblers who want an old-school gaming experience.

The sport also has a cafe, full-service cafe, and family-friendly square in order to please players under the age of 21. Even though the game doesn’t have a guesthouse, it’s not really an inconvenience because there are numerous lodging options available to players in Central City.

Easy Street Casino

Central City, Colorado’s 80427 Main Street is the destination.
Owner / Operator: G.F. Gaming Corporation
Hours: 8 a.m. – 2 a.m. / 7 days a week
Casino games: 180 slots and video poker games
Sportsbook: TBA
Poker: No poker room

Easy Street Casino sportsbook

As a result of the November 2019 election that made sports betting legal in Colorado, casinos have worked hard to secure business contracts with sportsbook owners across the nation. There are currently a number of bookmakers in the area, and many more are expected.

On May 1, Colorado games were able to begin providing both in-person and online games to local players. However, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, Colorado activities were discontinued, forcing local bettors to switch to online sportsbooks and mobile entertainment apps.

Before May 1 became legal, G. F. Gaming obtained licenses for both of its gambling, though it hasn’t yet made clear which betting it plans to collaborate with for its two locations in Central City.

Easy Street Casino and amenities

Easy Street Casino is well-known for its friendly staff and great amenities. The casino features a spacious casino floor and arcade gaming area along with a popular full-service restaurant and historic bar.

Easy Street Arcade

Easy Street Casino prides itself on being a family-friendly establishment. In order to provide an unforgettable experience to the whole household, the casino offers an arcade for the enjoyment of customers under the legal gambling age. Featuring a grand selection of both old-school arcade-favorites and new popular video machines, the Easy Street Arcade has everything from air hockey and foosball to competitive race, dance, and video games such as Jurassic Parkand Guitar Hero.

The game also offers snack and beverage vending machines for young people who want to have quickly before returning to the excitement.

Easy Street Casino gaming floor

Easy Street Casino does not offer table games. In fact, the Central City casino is well-known for being a slots-only gambling house. Located along the historic city’s casino strip, the Easy Street Casino’s lack of table gaming poses no real issue to gamblers, as the block is filled with exciting gambling opportunities.

Easy Street Casino’s spacious gambling floor offers 23,000 square feet of gaming space with vintage light fixtures and brick-accented walls that offer an old-time feel to the casino floor. With the casino’s sought-after selection of rare and vintage coin machines, gamblers will feel as though they have stepped back in time.

On the hotel’s website, the various awards are proudly displayed. Cash prize payouts range from$ 1, 500 to$ 25, 000, and 000. Bets on Easy Street range from penny games to$ 5 slot machines.

The resort offers a wide range of slot machines, from unusual older-style techniques to well-known movie games and poker machines. Casino players can take the wheel or place their person &, s cards to begin playing some of the well-liked machines at the casino, including Red, White and Blue Deluxe, Pompeii, Wings Over Olympus, Eagle Rock, and others.

At night, the casino becomes a brightly-lit hub of excitement as festive colored lights illuminate the Easy Street Casino, making the establishment a welcome place for gamblers looking for Central City’s laid back casino nightlife.

Easy Street Casino restaurants and bars

The Easy Street Casino features a full-service restaurant and on-site bar where casino-goers can stop by for a quick break from the gambling excitement and enjoy one of Millie’s famous entrées or an vintage-style cocktail at the Gold Coin Bar.

Millie’s Restaurant, which offers delicious and reasonably priced options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is located on the next area of the sport. A few of the delicious personal comfort food choices provided by this classic restaurant include Easy Street Omelet, Finger-Lickin &, Pecan Smoked Chicken Wings, Big Easy Cheeseburger, and Millie’s Southern Fried Chicken.

Gold Coin Bar: The storied creation has a saloon-inspired atmosphere and delicious wines and is conveniently located on the first floor of the game. Buyers are brought back in good time after entering the Gold Coin Bar through the swinging doors. This is particularly correct given that the building is covered in traditional depictions of the bar, which feature locals and golden workers sipping well-deserved beverages at a nearby watering hole.

Membership applications for Players Club

G.F. Gaming features a loyalty program across its two gambling establishments, Famous Bonanza and Easy Street Casino, called the Player’s Club. The program is free to join, and guests can easily sign up at either casino’s guest services desk.

As things may be, visitors are given a comfortable entertainment experience. either a child sport, earned or redeemed.

Using their Player’s Club accounts, people can earn points and bonuses. People get one place for every dollar wagered on the hotel’s slot machines. For Play Club members who prefer video, a point is earned for every$ 2 wager. poker.

The game keeps players interested by regularly offering member-only offers, exciting comps, and position multipliers. During new member promotions, players can spin the casino’s Cash Wheel to win$ 100. From Sunday three-time level multipliers on second slots to two-fold points on all slots, standard promotions can take place.

Customers who commute by vehicle after earning 250 bottom points are eligible for vehicle solution reimbursements through the membership software.

People of Stella’s Café and Millie, , two well-known eateries, are also qualified to receive purchase and dining comps. Members of the Play Club can also take advantage of member-only promotional giveaways and wealth redemptions. Members can exchange points for$ 5 in cash after earning 1,000 play points.

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The Easy Street Casino’s past

G. F. Gaming Corporation has owned and run Casino on Easy Street since it first opened in later 2000. Two of the few games in Central City still owned by their unique members are Casino on Easy Street and Famous Bonanza, its sister establishment.

The native game organization in Central City has maintained its position in the casino gambling market ever since casino gambling was made legal throughout the country’s 1990s. In the 1990s, bets could only be made up to$ 5, but thanks to new legislation, that amount was increased to$ 100 in 2009, allowing Colorado gamblers to play some table games.

The gambling center of Central City, located about an hour outside of Denver’s thriving district, is best known for its gambling options and the gold-mining history of the early 1800s. The busy Main Street game region, which is dotted with relics of the city’s gold-mining roots, is home to many of its historic buildings and landmarks. Restaurants, cafes, and games have developed from some of the historic buildings.

This is particularly true of Easy Street because, prior to the construction of the Gold Coin Bar, it served as a gold coin bar where visitors and workers would unwind after long days at work. Images from the previous saloon are displayed in the bar, and the gold miners and vintage charm still adorns the rustic establishment’s walls.