Dostal Alley Casino and Brewery

Dostal Alley for Brewery and Casino

Dostal Alley for Brewery and Casino is located in Central City, Colorado, and is one of 40 casinos throughout the state. The casino and brewery are a family business, owned and operated by Bruce and Sandy Schmalz.

The sport has been running since Colorado made gaming legal in 1991, and the factory followed suit in 1998.

At the match, which has two floors, there are 63 slot and video poker machines that can be played. In Dostal Alley, there are no table games or poker game areas. In addition to the manufacturer, there is a shop on the property.

Despite the fact that sports betting became authorized in Colorado on May 1, 2020, there is no word on Dostal Alley’s upcoming plans to launch a retail or online casino.

Dostal Alley Casino

    The destination is 116 Main Street in Central City, Colorado.

  • Sandy and Bruce Schmalz are users.
  • Sandy Schmalz and Bruce, technicians
  • 10 and 2 in the morning, respectively.
  • A sport has 63 activities in it.
  • Inquire as to whether there are any plans to start a gaming.
  • does not have a place to play blackjack.

Dostal Alley Casino Sportsbook

As of May 1, 2020, sports gambling is legal in Colorado for both physical and virtual game.

According to the country’s game laws, , casinos are allowed to run both physical and virtual gambling. One of the most crucial aspects of punters is their ability to use online gambling anywhere in the position.

As a result, some Colorado-based activities have partnered with games to run both their offline and online businesses.

Dostal Alley Casino was approved for its sports betting license in February 2020, but it is not yet clear what the owners plan to do regarding either a retail sportsbook or online sportsbook, or both.

There are still many options for partnerships to be made, so Dostal Alley &’s options are available even though only four games in the Centennial State launched their programs on May 1.

Dostal Alley Casino

There are 63 gaming consoles in Dostal Alley, but no blackjack tables or table games are present. On the home is a restaurant and the only manufacturer in Gilpin County.

machines for playing

Players can choose from 63 various playing and video poker devices at Dostal Alley. On two distinct mats, they are arranged. The money available for the gadgets ranges from pounds to money.

a game of chairs

Gambling, craps, blackjack, and poker are the only table games that Colorado’s entertainment laws allow. There aren’t any board games available at Dostal Alley’s gambling right now.

Dostal Alley Casino rewards program

Dostal Alley Casino does not currently offer a rewards program to its players.

Dostal Alley Casino poker room

There isn’t a poker room available during the match.

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Dostal Alley for Brewery and Casino amenities

There is no resort that, despite the fact that a restaurant and stock are there.


    Dostal Alley Restaurant and Microbrewery, Gilpin County’s sole stock, began making its own liquor in 1997. The restaurant serves calzones, pizza, burgers, salads, and other items.

Dostal Alley Casino history

Dostal Alley, one of Colorado’s first eight games to close in October 1991, is the only game still in operation now.

The building was first opened by Phillip and Ruth Schmalz in 1958 as a” rock get” that sold precious gems and gold nuggets. The company was taken over by Bruce and Sandy Schmalz, the toddler’s son and daughter-in-law, in 1972, and the T-Shirt Corner Store was added in 1987.

After playing became authorized in Colorado in 1991, the Schmalz residence opened Dostal Alley Saloon and Gambling Emporium. Six years later, they decided to shut down the T-shirt purchase and gemstone purchase. The house bar and shop took the place of these businesses.

Dostal Alley is still run and owned by Bruce and Sandy Schmalz as a group.