PointsBet An Exclusive Betting Partner For Colorado Teams, Pepsi Center

Written By Ian St. Clair on 08/07/2020Last Updated on February 10, 2021

PointsBet is skilled at making an entry.

Even though the casino hasn’t already opened, it’s now having an impact on both the state and the Colorado sports betting market.

When you decide to move your US headquarters to Denver and enter into a multiyear partnership with Kroenke Sports & amp, Entertainment( KSE ), that & will take place.

It was announced on Friday that PointsBet is now the exclusive betting and gaming partner for the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Mammoth and the Pepsi Center. KSE is the managing partner for the various organizations and where they play.

Colorado is made present by PointsBet

PointsBet will also serve as KSE & ’s official sports betting partner as part of the agreement, along with Altitude TV and Alttitude Sports Radio.

As the press release notes, the deal spans the entire gaming category. That includes retail and online sports betting, daily fantasy sports, online casino&;and free-to-play games.

While PointsBet isn&;t live in Colorado yet, the plan is to release the sports betting app soon, according to the release. PointsBet reached an agreement with Double Eagle Casino in Cripple Creek in late July 2019. That is one of the first partnership announcements in the state.

Additionally, PointsBet recently started work on its flagship US headquarters, which is located in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver & .

Australia was the country where PointsBet was first established.

The executive vice president and chief operating officer of KSE, Matt Hutchings, stated in the transfer:

& , PointsBet, is well-known in the gaming sector for product development and its distinctive point-bet merchandise, as well as for having the quickest software available. Sports fans are eager for the added dimensions that gambling and fantasy sports bring to their lives. We anticipate that PointsBet viewers will be thrilled to have the chance to interact more deeply with their favorite team. When PointsBet decided to base their American offices in Colorado, they made it clear how much they value Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. They are aware, as are we, that Denver is a vibrant city home to some of the most ardent sports enthusiasts in the entire world. & rdquo,

locations in – area PointsBet

According to the release, plans to introduce a new in-autumn location at the Pepsi Center for the 2020 – 21 seasons are part of the PointsBet– KSE partnership.

The program is for three different locations, according to the release: the PointsBet Sports Bar, a terraced outside area built on top of the point’s sports bar, and the pointsbet premium club.

For the 2020 – 21 seasons, the club level at the Pepsi Center will also change. The & , or PointsBet Club Level, is the intended name. According to the launch, it will include product ambassador placements, sportsbook signage, and other features.

There is even more there & .

For the 2020 – 21 seasons, fans will also notice a significant upgrade in the Wi-Fi at Pepsi Center.

Additionally, on game day, spectators may notice popular PointsBet displays and broadcast-visible signage all over the arena. It will include struts for Nuggets matches and on the snow, according to the release. Dasher board will also be available for Avalanche activities.

Additionally, KSE intends to launch its forthcoming MKSE mobile. game. The launch states that PointsBet aims to significantly enhance the experience of organizing and attending activities at Pepsi Center. As the app & ’s title sponsor, PointsBet will participate in branding and digital media. The business will also be present on the Mammoth, Nuggets, and Avs software.

following association agreement

This is PointsBet’s second collaboration with teams in a significant sports category.

The business signed a contract with the Detroit Tigers in beginning July to become the first casino to collaborate with an MLB team.

The CEO of PointsBet USA, Johnny Aitken, stated in the transfer:

& , It was immediately apparent from the start that the PointsBet and the Kroenke Sports andamp, Entertainment team shared values. We & has long stated that our objective is to establish a name for sports betting in Colorado. This unique collaboration with the Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth, and Denver Nuggets, three of our home teams. Additionally, providing superior entertainment places inside their playing area is a crucial step in that process. Our custom, in-house technology has helped us establish our position as providers of the quickest and simplest sports betting experience in the USA. Denver activities fans who watch games on the Altitude Sports Network in-person or at home will now have access to a variety of ways to improve their browsing experience by using our market-leading PointsBet Sportsbook game. & rdquo,

PointsBet may not yet be available in Colorado, but it is unquestionably capable of making an entry.

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