Colorado Lottery Starburst Awards Announce Project Winners For Excellence In 2023

Written on April 4, 2023 by Hill Kerby; next revision was made on May 9.
Colorado Lottery Starburst Awards

The results of the 2023 Colorado Lottery Starburst Awards have been made public.

The Starburst Awards are given to the Lottery-funded organization and state-wide protection activities.

Eight things were selected by The Lottery for the financial year 2023 based on a variety of factors, including creativity and the social and economic effects of the state. More than$ 4 million in lottery funds were raised by these projects, which was helpful for things like:

  • Parks
  • places that are accessible
  • Campgrounds
  • Accessibility
  • outdoor training
  • Equity

Numerous companies are honored by Colorado Lottery Starburst Awards.

In contrast to other states that primarily use lottery funds for education, Colorado invests in the outdoors and fully funds Great Outdoors Colorado( GOCO ). Additionally, it supports the Colorado Parks and Wildlife ( CPW ), the Conservation Trust Fund ( CTF ), and the CCW-run Outdoor Equity Fund.

The eight winners, who stand in for one of these businesses or more, show how effectively money is used outside.

Over$ 4 billion has been raised for outdoor initiatives over the course of the Lottery & ’s 40-year history. The Lottery uses between 22.8 and 25 cents of every dollar spent outside, depending on the month. People receive medals worth about 63 cents of every dollar.

In order to honor each month’s greatest contributions to outside preservation, the Starburst Awards were founded in 1992. The Colorado Lottery’s president, Tom Seaver, praised those who work to improve Colorado.

The Lotteriey & ’s restoration efforts are made possible by the incredible work of its companions, who donate lottery money to worthwhile tasks across the state. Seeing lottery money used to create open spaces, pet habitats, and recreational opportunities all over the state is very exciting. The Starburst contenders for this year and a third highlight the kinds of programs that help make our state the best in the country. & rdquo,

The finalists are And and Hellip.

adjustable experiences

Go Out and Take Part in Sports Days is the Process.

Organization( grant ): OEF($ 45, 000 )

The Westminster-based nonprofit provides outdoor activity opportunities to children and adults, including men with disabilities and their families, regardless of where they live, what they need, or how much income they have. The donated funds were used to buy products for paddle boarding, swimming, running, and responsive cycling.

City of Englewood

The Pirates Cove Play Structure is being renovated.

Organization ( grant ) CTF($ 207, 478 )

Each year, more than 100,000 people visit the Pirates Cove water place. A new quad slide, fresh paint jobs, and many additional features like cannons and portal openings were added to its 20-year-old infrastructure.

City of Wheat Ridge

The Prospect Park Project

GOCO and CTF($ 1, 237, 970 ) are the organizations( grant ).

As the access to the nearby Clear Creek Trail and Wheat Ridge Greenbelt, Prospect Park receives about 45 000 visitors annually. The garden construction, which also replaces the outing pavilion and makes changes to the surrounding highways and walkways, results in the creation of volleyball judges and other cutting-edge outdoor activities.

Crawford Park

Improvements to a Clear Fork Campground

Organization ( grant ): CPW and GOCO

Crawford Park received new campsites with full RV hookups, new shade shelters, picnic tables, and improved ADA access. Its location, east of Black Canyon National Park, provides access to fishing, waterskiing, swimming, and all the other outdoor activities offered by the eastern side.

Environmental Education for Kids

Project for the ELK Education Center

Organization( Granted ): 425,000 GOCO

Environmental Education for Children( ELK ), The Trust for Public Land, and Denver Parks and Recreation ( DPR ) collaborated to create the ELK Education Center, which is now a part of the Montbello Open Space Park. ELK & ’s programs and operations are housed in the new 7, 000 square foot center, which also includes 4.5 acres of green space that is accessible to the general public.

Montrose Recreation District

Renovation of Holly Park is the job.

GOCO($ 214, 348 ) is the organization( grant ).

The City of Montrose painted its basketball courts, park, multifunctional area, and handball courts in a radiant new color last year. Additional improvements, such as more parking, lighting, irrigation, and baseball field expansions, were made possible by the$ 214K Local Park and Outdoor Recreation ( LPOR ) grant from GOCO.

Effect of cycles

Project for the Girls Mountain Bike Program

Organization( grant ): OEF($ 25,000, 000,000 )

This program was created to make mountain biking accessible, affordable, and inclusive, especially for women of color. Effect of cycles was founded to give all young women equal access to the outdoors, especially mountain biking, to build stronger communities and create better futures.

The town of Estes Park

Project for Thumb Open Space

The organization( grant ) is called GOCO($ 350,000 ).

The Thumb Open Space is a new 65-acre joint project between the The town of Estes Park and Estes Valley Land Trust (EVLT). Funds went to securing the land, and future conservation efforts will focus on enhancing the space&;s facilities, signage, and patrolling for trails and rock climbing areas, including the Thumb and Needle.

Also, education is crucial.

Colorado may prioritize the outdoors first with its lottery earnings, but education will still receive a sizeable portion of the 2022 – 2023 fiscal year.

The Colorado Lottery’s first-ever GOCO income cap was reached on March 20. GOCO receives half of the pot money up to a specific amount based on the profit from the previous year.

After that cover has been reached, three additional resources will receive 50 % of GOCO and ’s discuss:

    BEST( Building Excellent Schools Today ) will receive half of the remaining funds.

  • The other half will go to the CPW and ’s Wildlife Cash Fund as well as the Parks and Outdoor Recreation money resources. Each will receive 25 %.

BEST received$ 9.3 million from the Lottery during the past governmental period. That amount will likely exceed$ 10 million with three or more months to profit from in FY 2023.

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