Colorado Tax On Sports Betting Breaks $3M For First Time In March

Written by Hill Kerby on February 5th, 2023; next revision was made on May 9th.
Colorado sports betting march

In March, Colorado sportsbooks set a record by generating an all-time great of$ 345.4 million in online sports betting revenue. In this way, quarterly profit work exceeded$ 3 million for the first time since Colorado legalized sports betting in May 2020.

Sports betting costs totaled$ 3, 103, 024 in March. This number is caused by the 10 % tax on online sports betting money, which is calculated using total control plus charges, free bets, and a 0.25 percent federal excise taxes.

March playing was significantly lower than March 2022.

The Colorado sports betting manage experienced a predictable boost in March from February. & , Bettors placed a$ 494.4 million wager, an increase of 16.3 % from$ 425.1 million in February. The total, however, fell short of$ 500 million, causing a 2.2 % year-over-year decline from March 2022 to$ 505.6 million.

Sportsbooks returned$ 448.5 million in payments with a strong 9.3 % hold, making up for any betting action they missed. The state’s total activity income from this game increased by 103 percent from$ 26. 6 million in February to$ 45.9 million, the second-highest total in state history.

Only in 2022 did September generate a higher GGR( 51.3 million ), but its net sports betting earnings ( NSBP ) and tax contributions fell short of March & ,s. In just six months, NBSPs have accumulated totals of over$ 20 million and paid over$ 2 million in taxes.

Month Handle GGR Keep %. NBSP Tax
2023 March 494.4 million money $ 45.9 billion. 9.3% 35.4 million. 3.1 million dollars
September 2022 450.2 million money $ 51.3 million. 11.4% $ 31.7 million. $ 2.99 million.
January 2023 $547,189,025 $35,482,562 6.5% $ 22.5 million. 2.586 million money
2022 December $518,088,768 $40,909,238 7.9% $ 28 billion 2.584 million dollars
November 2022 $552,603,013 $37,569,022 6.8% 24. 4 million $ 2.58 billion
October 2022 $ 526.6 million $ 36. 5 million 6.9% $ 21.1 million. $ 2. 3 million

For the current fiscal year, NSBP increased by 271.5 percent from$ 13 million in February 2022 to$ 209 million(+ 273.2 percent YoY ). Fiscal YTD taxes are$ 20.3 million(+ 225.2 % YoY ) with three months until the fiscal year and come to an end.

Sportsbooks & , biggest W, bets reduced

Professional basketball had the highest handle percentage with$ 193 million in bets. NCAA hockey was in second place with$ 934.3 million. Their individual contains were 4.6 percent and 7 percent, respectively.

Instead of separating between activities on parlays, Colorado assigns a distinct class for that type of gambling.

Parlays made bets totaling$ 90 million, but only received$ 65 million in returns, giving them a startling 16.4 % hold. Despite having less than half the handle, this led to a profit of$ 14.8 million compared to professional hoops($ 13. 5 million ).

Outside of these three categories, only tennis($ 25.1 ) and ice hockey($ 23.3 ) had handles over$ 20 million. Sport was really short at$ 19.4 million.

entering the useless space

In the past, March is when gambling’s peak season ends. After football, the NBA and NHL finals will take on the tradition. hurdles in school.

Sports and field hockey may also end in the summer. There will only be baseball, golf, and sport left until the football season begins in September and the numbers start to rise.

Control may fall by 30 to 50 percent over the next five weeks from all-time peaks up until that point. However, there is no need to be concerned because sports betting is yearly by character.

Colorado sports bettors have consistently ranked above their mass group in relation to individuals over the last three years, making them one of the top ten US markets. Trust is out for Broncos Country as well with unpleasant talent Sean Payton in charge.

If Payton is overly right, the ship and the Broncos may be able to make the playoffs this fall, setting new records for control, profit, and tax efforts.

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