Colorado Sports Betting Handle In August Reveals Table Tennis Still On Table

Written By Ian St. Clair on 09/23/2020Last Updated on February 10, 2021

There was no question that the Colorado sports betting market may be impacted by the transfer of major US activities.

It was unclear exactly how much of an effect.

How would Colorado & ’s love of table tennis be affected by the return of MLB, the NBA, and NHL?

On both transactions, we now have the answers.

The Colorado Division of Gaming released the August sports betting handle.

In the fourth month of Colorado sportsbook betting, the handle jumped 117% from July.

The total handle for August was $128.6 million, up from $59.2 million in July.

What is a surprise about the August handle is how the Colorado sports betting industry is already pushing Indiana for the fourth-largest market in the country.

For August, Indiana received a$ 169 million control. Its population is larger and its business is more developed.

The fact that Colorado has attained that amount demonstrates the capabilities of this industry and.

According to Dan Hartman, the chairman of the Division of Gaming:

& , As the industry and Division anticipated, Colorado’s legal sports betting industry has experienced an incredible increase since the major sports returned in August. We are also encouraged that less well-known sports, which have been successful since our build on May 1 and contributed to the overall increase, are still holding up fairly well. We are also thrilled about the new online store and online operations. The Colorado games towns can only benefit from the rise in financial sports wagering options because it will boost visitor and foot traffic. & rdquo,

The wagers also generated$ 1.9 million in betting revenue over the course of the 31 days in August, a 22 % decrease from the$ 2.4 million generated in July. Despite an increase in gross revenue to$ 7.5 million from$ 5.2 million as a result of increased marketing, the decline in net proceeds occurred.

The August handle produced $189,462 in taxes for the state. That pushes the four-month total to $122.9 million that the sports betting Colorado apps have generated.

Online generated$ 126.7 million of the total, according to the website and financial break. 1.5 % of the handle’s total, or$ 1.9, came from retail.

Best activities, by bet

Regarding the best activities, it should come as no surprise that hockey was at the top of the list.

The fact that table tennis is still in the bottom five surprises me. In actuality, it was No. 4 and received a full that was higher than sport.

Who knew Colorado had such a passion for board golf? Since the Centennial State’s introduction of sports betting, & , That & , has remained a constant.

Top 5 sports betting made net

    Hockey:$ 38 billion

  1. Football:$ 22.78 billion
  2. $ 13.59 million in ice hockey
  3. Stand golf:$ 4.52 billion
  4. $ 4.47 million in golf

only the beginning

As it stands now, there are 15 betting apps live in Colorado. There are also eight retail sportsbooks in the gaming towns of Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek.

With the return of the Denver Broncos and the NFL, the September handle should jump even higher. NFL bettors will want to bet on the Broncos. Even if injuries riddle the team and the sportsbooks have been forcedto alter the conflict.

Of course, the Denver Nuggets playing in the Western Conference finals also can be a big draw.

More and potential new clients will be drawn in as more casinos open.

This is just the beginning of the sports betting industry in Colorado.

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