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Written By Ian St. Clair on 08/26/2020Last Updated on January 25, 2021

The Colorado sports betting numbers aren & , t impacted by the altitude, unlike the oxygen.

After three months, the handle continues to show why expectations and hope remain a mile high.

The Colorado Division of Gaming released the sports betting handle for July on Wednesday, and it&;s up 55% from June.

For the month of July, Colorado brought in $59.18 million. The month of June produced $38.1 million.

Net betting proceeds from July & , s handle reached$ 2.4 million, an increase of 11.4 % from$ 2.2 million in June. As a result, state fees for July total$ 241, 867.

Colorado&;s July handle is the fifth-largest among legal US jurisdictions, closely trailing No. 4 Indiana, which generated $70.9 million in July.

Director of the Division of Gaming As & Dan Hartman stated:

& , The statistics demonstrate that Colorado sports bettors still enjoy this innovative form of entertainment. The return of major sporting has demonstrated what the industry is capable of, in addition to the offerings to which fans have grown familiar. We can’t wait to see what big professional sports’ entire month of August has in store for us. & rdquo,

by game, betting complete control virtual management Manage of retail ( GGR ) Revenue
Baseball $9,217,343 $9,096,568 $120,775 $710,374
Soccer $7,601,501 $7,558,561 $42,940 $621,152
Tennis at a desk $5,109,202 $5,099,432 $9,795 $271,179
Golf $4,830,141 $4,820,346 $9,795 $717,303
Basketball $3,334,820 $3,192,267 $142,553 $76,490
MMA $2,643,976 $2,621,530 $22,446 $237,371
Tennis $2,086,288 $2,079,881 $6,407 $98,099
Motorsports $461,760 $460,812 $948 $132,615
Hockey $394,570 $389,092 $5,478 $277,935
Boxing $293,147 $292,094 $1,053 $50,088
Parlay $8,638,481 $8,439,415 $199,066 $1,413,240
Other $15,572,390 $14,550,805 $21,585 $1,590,732
Total $59,183,620 $58,600,805 $582,815 $5,196,599

Colorado sports gambling is jolted by the return of US sports.

The transfer of major US activities is one of the main factors contributing to the rise in July gambling numbers. It was the Colorado Rockies and MLB for July. The league’s opening time fell on July 23, while the Rockies’ was July 24.

The Denver Nuggets and the NBA played just a few days in July. The Colorado Avalanche didn&;t return to the ice until Aug. 2. So the August numbers will show how much NBA and NHL betting impacted the market.

Colorado fans were clearly eager to partake in some MLB betting.

Baseball was ranked first. In July,$ 9.2 million was bet on one soccer, then:

    Soccer valued at$ 7. 2 million

  • $ 5.9 million for table tennis
  • $ 4.8 million in sport
  • Basketball valued at$ 3.3 million

Colorado’s evident love of table tennis is not even mentioned in the return of major US sporting teams.

In the first two weeks, table tennis had brought in$ 15.7 million in wagers, making it by far the most popular sport in the state for bettors.

There are plans for the month of July. were 10 online sports betting apps live and eight retail sportsbooks. As of now, there are 11 with the launch of ELITE in early August.

just getting warmed up

Yet even with the launch of the first retail sportsbooks in the state, CO online sports betting accounted for $58.6 million, or 99%, of the state&;s July handle.

That number will probably increase in the days and weeks back as the Denver Broncos time approaches.

You may understand why based on the control for July.

If Coloradans throw that kind of money at table tennis, Drew Lock and the Broncos will surely attract excited members of Broncos Country to NFL betting — even though sportsbooks aren&;t sold just yet.

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