Perfect Storm Of Events Leads To Huge Weekend For Casinos And Sportsbooks

Written By Ian St. Clair on 03/26/2021Last Updated on January 7, 2022
Colorado casinos March Madness 2022

For over a year, casinos in Colorado have been on pause.

No like when you used to play with your friends around while pausing the Super Nintendo as a child.

or had to stop your VCR from playing the video. Do you recall those?

This pause is beyond the control of the casino & .

Additionally, it has been ambiguous.

Although there have been times when casinos have had nothing like before COVID-19, they have returned, andrdquo, it & .

There were various levels of stress for both blackjack employees and customers.

Most likely, & , you were wondering when this would finally come to an end so that things could return to normal. & rdquo,

At least for the past week, & , or normal & rdqua, has now made a comeback.

Here & is a first-person account of the light finally emerging from this pitch-black tunnel.

Colorado casinos typically return to & . & rdquo,

As I pulled into Black Hawk on a beautiful spring afternoon, I had no clue what was about to hit me.

Even though it was a Saturday, would persons be at ease sufficiently to attend?

However, my wife and I kept driving up the winding street in search of a vacant parking space as we pulled into this certain casino’s parking garage.

This place is crowded, & rdquo, I thought to myself, feeling a little surprised.

We were smacked with more evidence that this wasn’t going to be like last year when we finally found a parking spot on an upper level and started looking for the hotel & ’s check-in desk.

To enter the hotel and casino, there was really a range.

We discovered yet another piece of evidence after checking in and exploring the casino floor: the table games and slot machines were crowded, and it wasn’t even dark already.

Fast-forward for approximately two days.

The warm, sunny day we arrived on a few hours before was nothing like the first time we went outside to get to our breakfast ticket. I could feel the impending storm in the air.

The sharp wind and abrupt drop in temperature in Colorado make your bones shiver no matter how long you live there.

However, nothing could have forewarned us of what would happen ten minutes later.

games that are packed

The game surface was crowded.

We & , we’re talking about pre-COVID packed.

Board games and slot machines were teeming with activity and crowded with eager players.

You wouldn’t have known there was a crisis if not for the faces. It was undoubtedly a small unsettling.

To the credit of the gambling and the players, everyone was hiding behind masks and making an effort to maintain social distance.

Doubts were necessary for restaurants to allow for appropriate guest distance.

That mentality was a welcome contrast, then.

The puzzle pieces started to come up over the course of the food as our server provided insight into the crowds.

People had already gotten their signal balances.


The COVID vaccinations had been administered.


Following a traditional blizzard that left many power outages and dumped more than one foot of snow the previous year, the weather was perfect.


It was springtime vacation.


March Madness betting had begun and sportsbooks were now here.


ideal confluence of circumstances

I questioned our site about the past week’s performance in comparison to the previous month toward the end of our meal.

As crazy as I can recall, & , It & . It’s been a while since I’ve been moving around in this manner. & rdquo,

It was the ideal tempest of chance and money for the first time in a year.

But was this year really a coincidence, or is casino business finally picking up?

As Kevin Dawn, the Barstool Sportsbook director at the Ameristar, told PlayinСolorado:

It was a good weekend, & . The non-football weekend was the best we’ve always had here in the casino. I believe your analysis of all the factors that contributed to the success of business is correct. I am aware that some individuals received tax payments as well. People are eager to leave, and March Madness is a fantastic cultural occasion.

& , We are not yet certain that we are where the tide is turning, but we can make out a faint glow of light at the tunnel’s end. If we don’t have restrictions in place any longer, I’m looking forward to seeing what next year will take to the first weekend of March Madness. & rdquo,

Eased pandemic regulations aid in the recovery of gambling

I wanted to know how great the trip was for casinos and sportsbooks after having my suspicions confirmed.

But, casinos only provide the position with quarterly reports.

Therefore, we & will have to wait for the black-and-white numbers for additional evidence of how excellent the week of March 14 – 20 actually was.

However, it’s a fantastic sign.

The Colorado Division of Gaming‘s chairman, Dan Hartman, stated:

& , Everyone is excited to see the games return to a pre-COVID atmosphere with the reintroduction of table games and as we are starting to notice the easing of restrictions. & rdquo,

For David Farahi and the Monarch Casino Resort, it&;s the added punch of just-released renovations opened to the public that contributed to their great week.

& rdquo, The COO for Monarch said,” We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from our guests as they visit our new resort for the first time.” & , All three of our brand-new restaurants, first-rate spas, and hotel rooms have become incredibly popular almost immediately, far exceeding our expectations. & rdquo,

Did it continue to be popular?

People don’t need to be reminded of how hard and gloomy the past year has been.

But trust appears to be returning abruptly for the first time, an mood that has been all very absent.

As Eric Rose, vice president of operations for Century Casinos in Central City and Cripple Creek, said:

Yes, you are correct, & mdash, last weekend, Friday, and Saturday all felt like the good old days. This trend, in our opinion, will last for the upcoming few months, and this summer should see a return to normal and even higher firm volumes than the prior year’s COVID. & rdquo,

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