Are Oddsmakers Buying The Hype Over The Denver Broncos?

Written By Ian St. Clair on 06/19/2020Last Updated on February 10, 2021

The pleasure threshold has returned to the Denver Broncos thanks to Drew Lock.

Viewers will want to see the Broncos for the first time since Peyton Manning‘s retirement. They are eager to see what this group can accomplish in the standard period of 2020.

The internet has paid attention. It seems impossible to use social media or watch TV without seeing some sort of Denver enthusiasm:

On top of that, there&;s also the sports betting partnerships this week with both FanDuel and Betfred.

Denver&;s multi-year agreement with FanDuel is the first for an NFL franchise since the league allowed them in May. The multiple-year deal with Betfred includes the first-ever on-site betting lounge for the NFL.

Denver appears to be all over the media.

Does Lock and the Broncos live up to the hype, is the question at hand.

deadline for the Broncos

Let’s take a look at Denver & , s schedule, before we get into the odds.

That & is what will ultimately decide everything.

Lock and Denver will need to work around a busy schedule if they want to return to the finals after winning the Super Bowl 50. In terms of schedule strength, the Broncos & slate is one of the 12 toughest.

Go to the East Coast after prime-time activities is another factor that could be problematic for Denver.

Not to mention what then feels like a trip to Kansas City‘s Arrowhead Stadium every December.

Week Date Opponent ( MST ) Time TV
1 9/14/2020 versus the Tennessee Titans( MNF ) 8: 10 P ESPN
2 9/20/2020 Pittsburgh Steelers 11:00 Do CBS
3 9/27/2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. 2:25 P FOX
4 10/1/2020 The New York Jets( TNF ) 20 p.m. 6: FOX
5 10/11/2020 Patriots of New England 11:00 Do CBS
6 10/18/2020 Miami Dolphins vs. 2:05 Am CBS
7 10/25/2020 Kansas City Chiefs vs. 2:25 P CBS
8 11/1/2020 BYE
9 11/8/2020 the Atlanta Falcons 11:00 Do CBS
10 11/15/2020 Raiders in Las Vegas 2:25 P CBS
11 11/22/2020 Los Angeles Chargers vs. 2:05 Am CBS
12 11/29/2020 New Orleans Saints vs. 2:05 Am CBS
13 12/6/2020 Kansas City Chiefs( SNF ) 20 p.m. 6: NBC
14 12/13/2020 the Carolina Panthers 11:00 Do CBS
Buffalo Bills vs. TBD
Batteries in Los Angeles TBD
17 1/3/2021 Las Vegas vs. Raiders 2:25 P CBS

On the Broncos, bookmakers aren’t sold.

At least in terms of the oddsmakers, they don’t believe the latest buzz may be applied to the field.

You’d think FanDuel’s announcement of its new affiliation with the company would affect them a little.

Both DraftKings and FanDuel have Denver at 7.5 wins. They also have the over at -110 and under at -110.

AFC West’s total victories DraftKings FanDuel
Leaders of Kansas City 11.5 — over (- 110 ); under( 110 ) Over (- 125 ), under (+ 105 ), and 11.5
Batteries from Los Angeles 7. 5 — over (- 143 ), below (+ 118 ) 8 — over (- 110 ) and under( 110 )
Raiders of Denver 7. 5 — over (- 110 ), below (+ 110 ) 7. 5 — over (- 110 ), less( 110 )
Pirates of Las Vegas 7 — over (- 110 ) and under( 110 ) 7. 5 — over (- 105 ), less(- 115 )

Broncos’ chances of winning

Additionally, bookmakers do not believe the Broncos will advance to the playoffs. Additionally, that & , s with one additional team slated to qualify this year. Seven team will advance to the 2020 playoff, as opposed to six, for the first time.

In this situation, Broncos Country might be able to turn that excitement into a( minimum ) payday.

That & is a fantastic way to reload your bank account after Christmas if you anticipate Lock and Denver to win more than seven games and advance to the playoffs.

Broncos game / odds lines DraftKings FanDuel
Broncos advance to the finals +200 +180
The Broncos fail to advance to the finals -250 -225
Tennessee Titans vs. Week One -1.5 -1.5
Second Week at the Pittsburgh Steelers +5.5 +5.5

Match lines for the Broncos

Denver kicks off with the later Monday Night Football game for the second consecutive year.

The Broncos’ first standard time of play was against the then-Oak Raiders.

Denver does so against the Tennessee Titans at household this year.

The Broncos begin at – 1. 5 as a slight favorite on FanDuel and DraftKings.

Denver is the opponent at + 5.5 on both DraftKings and FanDuel for the Week Two match against the Pittsburgh Steelers, so it should come as no surprise.

The question of whether games are played in front of spectators is still unresolved.

If the NFL follows suit with the NBA and NHL, fans will not be in attendance. If that happens, how does it change the lines? One of the factors in determining favorites in the NFL is the home-field advantage.

How will the conflict change if there are no followers?

How do the odds change if there are no longer any viewers?

There is a lot of audience noise, especially in areas like KC. Without that, it’s as if games are played on an impartial page.

However, the Broncos also have a mile-high benefits. Even if followers could, the height problem isn’t going away.

Check to see if activity lines change once it’s clear whether fans will go games.

possibilities for AFC West

It should come as no surprise that Kansas City Chiefs, the defending Super Bowl champion, is the clear popular in the AFC West.

There is still a significant distance between Kansas City and the Broncos despite the enjoyment. It & , it’s not likely that Denver will pass the Chiefs in the division. Stranger points have, however, occurred.

DraftKings FanDuel
Leaders of Kansas City-455 Leaders of Kansas City-390
Raiders of Denver+900 Batteries from Los Angeles+700
Batteries from Los Angeles+900 Raiders of Denver+1100
Pirates of Las Vegas+1100 Pirates of Las Vegas+1200

conflict for the Super Bowl

This is where you can have some fun as a investor.

It should come as no surprise that Kansas City and the Baltimore Ravens are the favorites to duplicate.

However, you could make some serious money if you believe Lock and the Broncos you get the fifth Lombardi Trophy in company history.

Denver remains huge underdogs to make that happen, though it remains in better shape post-NFL Draft.

To win the Super Bowl, the Broncos are at + 5, 000 on DraftKings and + 6,000 on FanDuel.

One fan took those odds and bet that Denver will win it all this season. In fact, it was the first bet at the opening of the first retail sportsbook at the Saratoga Casino in Black Hawk on Wednesday.

The Chiefs are the clear favorites to win the AFC, with Baltimore coming in second.

To get the conference, Denver is at + 2, 200 on DraftKings and + 3, 000 on FanDuel.

possibilities for Broncos person

When it comes to individual player / coaches awards, the odds don’t really change.

Chew on this: Free-agent quarterback Cam Newton, who isn’t currently on the roster, has a better chance than Lock to win the NFL MVP at + 6,000 on DraftKings.

On FanDuel, the possibilities for the two players to win the MVP are equal( 6, 500 ).

FanDuel has the Broncos hat + 500 to mark Newton, to delve even further. At + 300, the Washington Redskins are the front-runner.

Here & has some more to consider: Melvin Gordon, the running back for the New Broncos, has a better chance of winning the NFL Offensive Player of the Year on DraftKings at + 7, 000 than Lock, who has an advantage of + 10, 000. The chances are the same for Denver device Courtland Sutton and Lock.

Gordon and Lock both have an equal chance of winning FanDuel’s offensive player of the year( 8,500 ).

Jerry Jeudy, a quarterback device from Denver, has decent chances of winning Offensive Rookie of the Year. Jeudy has a FanDuel and DraftKings score of + 1,500 and 1,600, respectively.

Broncos’ security

While there is excitement for the offense, the Broncos’ security is probably a safer bet — at least until we see Lock and his allotment of toys on the field.

In order to get NFL Defensive Player of the Year and DraftKings, edge rusher Von Miller sits at+ 1,800 on FanDuel.

Bradley Chubb, the edge rusher recovering from an ACL injury, is eligible to win the prize on DraftKings and + 4,200 on FanDuel.

much photographs by the Broncos

Miller has + 25, 000 conflict on DraftKings and + 30, 000 on FanDuel to get MVP if you want some really long photos to bet on.

Jeudy has a+ 50,000 chance of winning the NFL MVP on DraftKings, if you want an even bigger much chance.

Vic Fangio, the head coach of the Broncos, has an equal chance of taking home the + 2,500 NFL Coach of The Year award from DraftKings and FanDuel.

Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, is favored by both bookmakers.

The majority of people in Broncos Country seem to understand Lock and its significant probable, as does the rest of America.

Oddsmakers aren & , at least for the time being, not buying into the hype.

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