NFL MVP Odds: Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey And Even Drew Lock In Consideration

Written By Taylor Osieczanek on 02/25/2020Last Updated on April 24, 2020
Drew Lock

With this week’s reconnaissance Combine in Indianapolis and the upcoming Draft in two weeks, the NFL season is picking up steam. This is a great opportunity to look for MVP futures.

Patrick Mahomes, the player for the Kansas City Chiefs and recently named Super Bowl MVP, may come as no surprise that he is the popular across the board. The best odds on Mahomes can be found at / , where he & , s + 500 to win his second MVP award in three seasons.

Mahomes won the MVP award for the regular season in 2018 after throwing 5, 097 feet and 50 scores. He had just finished his first year as a starting and his second year in the group. It & is in the exact same predicament that Denver Broncos QB Drew Lock is anticipated to be in this year.

MVP prospect for Drew Lock

Lock, who went 4-1 in his five games as a starter at the end of last season, still faces long odds when it comes to winning the MVP according to the sportsbooks. 888Sport (+12600) and DraftKings (+12500) have the longest odds on Denver&;s quarterback, while FunDuel (+10000) has the best.

If there seems to be no possibility that Lock will follow in Mahomesquo’s footsteps, think about Lamar Jackson, the 2019 MVP from Baltimore. The dual-threat player won the prize in his second year, but he also started the season for the first time as a start.

Is Lock continue the work? Lock made 1, 020 feet, seven touchdowns, and three interceptions in his five begins. 3, 264 feet, 22 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions were anticipated over the course of a 16-game time. There is reason to be optimistic about Lock & because he has a year under his belt, Pat Shurmur is the new offensive coordinator, and his numbers are better than those projections for 2020.

Another MVP picks for the Broncos

Which additional Broncos are being bet upon by the casinos? Phillip Lindsay is running up for FanDuel at+ 20,000, and Courtland Sutton is receiving@ 30,000. Fair warning: Adrian Peterson is the final running back to win( 2012 ), and the NFL MVP has not yet been named.

Favorite Futures MVPs following Mahomes

Speaking of running backs, Christian McCaffrey and free agent Derrick Henry are the odds-on classics. The odds on Henry (+ 4400 ) and McCaffrey (+ 5000 ), both of whom are originally from Colorado, are the longest at FanDuel. The majority of other casinos have the match at + 3300.

The current MVP Jackson and Seattle & , s Russell Wilson, are the other quarterbacks with the best chances. For both message visitors, 888Sport offers the best odds. Jackson checks in at + 700, while Wilson is listed as + 650. Jimmy Garoppolo & , the QB on the losing side of Super Bowl LIV, has the longest odds according to 888Sport, which places him at + 3400.

Two-time Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald (+6600) has the longest odds among defenders at DraftKings, while Michael Thomas (+10000) tops the wide receiver list. And let&;s not forget about three-time MVP Tom Brady. We still don&;t know where he&;s going to play the following year, but 888Sport, which lists him at + 3400, has his best possibilities.

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