CLGCC Gives Green Light To DraftKings, theScore Bet

Written By Derek Helling on 03/05/2020Last Updated on April 15, 2020
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A special meeting of the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission went as expected Thursday. The commission awarded license approvals to the appropriate parties.

For Coloradans, that means DraftKingsand theScore Bet are coming to their state. The pertinent question now is when.

The specifics regarding Thursday & ’s sports betting license approvals

According to a news release, the CLGCC approved operator and vendor license applications. Jacobs Entertainment has provided theScore Bet an inroad to Colorado, and it&;s through that deal that bettors there will access its online sports betting product.

However, there was no indication in the discharge of a release date for either online or retail betting. In the conference, Colorado punters also received more encouraging news.

On Thursday, DraftKings was one of the candidates being considered. The commission, many of whom were speaking with them over the phone, agreed with that demand in a similar manner.

According to R. Stanton Dodge, Chief Legal Officer of DraftKings & , & is pleased to receive our temporary license from the Colorado Division of Gaming and is looking forward to soon being able to offer our top-rated mobile and online sportsbook product to sports fans in Colorado.

There is no official statement about when the brick-and-mortar or virtual aspects of DraftKings Sportsbook may go live in Colorado, similar to theScore Bet. But, the commission’s quick response to certificates thus far suggests that it should act as soon as possible.

Why DraftKings and theScore Bet might render Colorado’s May 1 Morning 1?

State law says legal sportsbooks in Colorado can&;t actually start accepting wagers until May 1. While there&;s no guarantee that any online or retail operators will actually be ready to go on that day, all the signs point toward that right now.

The companies now have the certification and assurance they need to start developing their products thanks to the acceptance of these momentary licenses. This entails updating the retail space and making adjustments to the virtual solution to comply with Colorado laws.

The question is whether the following eight days will give that approach enough time. The users must not only obtain final approval before placing bets, but they must also have everything in order privately.

On the brick-and-mortar part, that might be more likely than it is for the web component. Although the state’s approved operator certificates imply that website aspects might follow suit soon after financial books launch.

Coloradans should have a wide range of options in May if that & is the case. As time goes on, there are more and more authorized users.

The listing of state-approved owners as of now

Given regulatory authorization, DraftKings and theScore Bet join Betfred and PointsBet as consumer-facing casino companies. There are currently 10 games and expert licenses, the majority of which are in three cities and mdash.

There are still brands seeking regulatory approval, the most prominent of which is FanDuel. Like DraftKings, FanDuel has already secured market access through a deal with Twin River Entertainment.

For approval might arrive immediately, as the committee appears ready to go above and beyond for providers. If that pattern persists, some Colorado betting operators may experience a banner day on May Day.

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