Colorado Releases May Sports Betting Breakdown

Ian St. Clair wrote it on July 14, 2020, and it was updated July 12, 2022.

When Colorado legalized sports betting in November, there were high expectations for the economy’s potential.

Sports’ initial release, control, and demise demonstrate that those hopes were, in truth, justified.

The Colorado Division of Gaming released May & ’s sports betting report a few weeks ago.

All that was known at the time was that the handle’s total cost was$ 25.6 million. Additionally, there were only six licensed sportsbooks — four for the majority of the month — and no major US sports.

That power, according to the release, generated about$ 97, 000 in state taxes.

There are some challenges, and we now know what Colorado sports bettors wager their money on. Who knew table tennis was a favorite sport among Colorado punters?

The most popular choice was by far stand sports. Colorado sports bettors placed$ 6.6 million wagers on Forrest Gump‘s enigmatic sports.

MMA brought in$ 1.7 million, followed by baseball($ 1.6 million ), soccer($ 1.5 million ) and golf($ 1.4 million ).

by way of activity, gambling Handle ( GGR ) Income
playing a round of board sport $6,589,475 $413,897
MMA $1,742,608 $264,616
Baseball $1,656,613 ($18,293)
Soccer $1,529,844 $70,361
Golf $1,423,684 $146,453
Tennis $708,762 $53,428
Motorsports $520,317 $110,769
Football $252,328 $250,397
Darts $133,291 $133,291
Hockey $117,395 $117,395
Parlay $3,007,111 $3,007,111
Other $7,940,425 $7,940,425
Total $25,621,762 $2,565,729

Dan Hartman, the president of the Colorado Division of Gaming, stated in the media transfer:

The Division of Gaming could not have anticipated problems like & , the COVID-19 crisis, Colorado game shutdown, and the end of professional sporting events when first preparing for the implementation of legalized sports betting in Colorado. Despite the unexpected difficulties it encountered, the earnings results for Does are the culmination of all the effort and work the department put into establishing this justly regulated industry for Coloradans. & rdquo,

The May results also show Colorado’s market possible, especially as important US sports are getting closer to returning.

Activities betting might keep getting better.

The Colorado Avalanche are a definite Stanley Cup popular, which is advantageous in that regard. For Colorado fans, that will be their first chance to place an NHL win.

Both the NBA and the Western Conference are open to the Denver Nuggets. Because of this, viewers may have their first opportunity to place a bet on the NBA, just like the Av.

The Colorado RockiesMLB debut against the TexasRangers is in about a month. You always know what to expect with a 60-game plan, even though the bookmakers aren’t buying the Rockies.

Additionally, there is the Denver Broncos & and NFL betting, of course.

Without a doubt, quarterback Drew Lock and his brand-new unpleasant toy series are to blame for the excitement. Observing how the current enthusiasm affects bets will be interesting.

As more portable wearing gaming apps enter the market, it is clear why there is a lot of promise for the CO sports betting sector.

In light of Hartman’s shift:

& , The$ 26. 6 million in total wagers placed in May is a promising sign for the Colorado sports gambling landscape. The gaming sector in Colorado has This suggests a bright prospect. & rdquo,

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