No-Limit Gaming, Expanded Table Games Bring A Brighter New Day To Colorado Casinos

Written By Ian St. Clair on 04/30/2021Last Updated on January 7, 2022

How much a season can change.

Colorado games were shut down a year ago. When they would resume or when employees may go back to work and get paid wasn’t clearly defined.

Colorado casinos won’t resume until the middle of June. However, even then, it wasn’t a full & open. They weren’t allowed to play board game, andrdquo.

It & is now exactly 180 degrees from where it was a year ago.

On Saturday, casinos in Colorado will finally have the opportunity to offer no-limit gaming and expanded table games. For now, most will roll out baccarat. The no-cap gaming limits hit the casino floors at midnight on Friday.

Look for these sports to be added in the near future:

  • Keno
  • Tiles Pai Gow
  • Six Great Wheels

So if you are planning a trip to Black Hawk and Central City or further south to Cripple Creek, you&;ll see those changes in place this weekend.

As Monarch Casino Resort director of casino marketing, Erica Ferris, said to PlayinСolorado:

& , The main thing that excites both us and our visitors is how this simply expands our market and enables us to seriously compete with those Las Vegas trips. Additionally, it enables us to provide the game and restrictions that players are truly seeking. We & is therefore eager to be extremely competitive in the market for gaming resort destinations. And we & are thrilled to provide these games and these restrictions to those who have been requesting them for a long time. & rdquo,

No-limit game is made possible by Amendment 77.

The reason the casinos are now able to offer no-limit gaming and expanded table games is because Colorado voters approved Amendment 77 in November&;s election.

Residents of those three games towns now have regional control thanks to the amendment. This indicates that they have the power to review the largest wager of any size.

Additionally, voters may endorse the addition of blackjack, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and slots to the Colorado Constitution‘s permitted list of casino games.

It is crucial to note that the article does not change Colorado’s gambling laws.

Since it was passed, the three towns’ residents have the choice to maintain a local election and choose whether or not they want to expand the gambling restrictions and games. Since then, all three areas have experienced that.

The next step was for the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission to put the rules in place. The first batch of rules were approved at the February meeting and subsequent meetings added even more.

Director of the Colorado Division of Gaming Dan Hartman stated:

& , Colorado’s gaming cities have been looking forward to this day for a while. No limit game ushers in a new era for Colorado gaming as things are starting to get back to normal. In all facets of the growing entertainment business, there are many new opportunities for employment. & rdquo,

A new time for gambling in Colorado

Before Amendment 77 was passed, the bet control at games in Colorado was $100. Industry experts and Colorado gamblers felt that was a hurdle pushing people to other markets. Even the casinos in Deadwood, S.D. have a bet limit of $1,000.

Today, this creates a wide range of opportunities.

Remember, casinos here make contributions to the community colleges and historic preservation. That only will shoot up with the addition of no-limit gaming and expanded table games.

Not to mention Colorado’s increased hospitality.

According to Ferris, Denver and Colorado are currently the third or fifth-largest feeding market in the United States for Las Vegas. And this means that we & are able to start operating those casinos in our state, which is good news for Colorado and Colorado casinos. For area institutions, that is very significant. For Colorado Tourism and their ability to promote our position outside of this condition, that means a lot. And we are eager to provide that service. When we & are able to compete with markets like Las Vegas, that’s when we’re really going to succeed, and that is what makes us the most excited. & rdquo,

Colorado is now compete with different markets for gambling.

It & , it’s amazing the complete turnaround that casinos are about to experience when you think back to a year ago. from being unsure of when they might perhaps reopen to having a clear path to fresh, interesting possibilities today.

With no-limit gaming and the release of new games, it equalizes Colorado’s position with another gaming markets, according to Hartman. & , We anticipate a rise in Colorado gamers and an increase in gambling revenue. They will discover that the gambling cities have something for everyone, whether they are regular participants, tourists, returning or new players. & rdquo,

Ferris was added:

This indicates that our team members are back with us, & . This indicates that our board game staff is present, giving our visitors a more comprehensive experience. We were just in this state of uncertainty a year ago because we didn’t realize when we were going to open. We had no idea when we would be able to start. We had no idea what it would seem like. And now, we see a clear way forward where we can offer the gambling amusement that our guests are genuinely looking for because not only do we perform well, but also our team members do well. & rdquo,

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