Colorado Tapping Into U.S. Gold Mine With Fixed-Odds Horse Racing

Written By Dave Bontempo on 04/18/2022
Colorado fixed-odds horse betting following N.J. lead.

In order to modify fixed-odds horse racing in the not-too-distant future, Colorado has started from scratch.

During the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission & ’s monthly meeting in March, it received approval. & ,

Changes are most certainly coming soon for horse betting in Colorado.

Racing representatives from Centennial State are keeping an eye on events in New Jersey in the interim. That state is now roaring through the home stretch, poised to cross the finish line and become the first state in the United States to actually engage in fixed-odds gambling.

The exact start deadline is May 7 for Monmouth Park in Oceanport, New Jersey. However, there isn’t a set date. & ,

When all of the operational documents is finished, it will take place.

However, the international system & ’s U.S. debut has already begun to take shape.

Describe fixed-odds betting

Bettors will be able to house, present, and win bets at established odds a few days in advance when fixed-odds wager goes live. & ,

As a result, players will be able to set their prices before the competition. & ,

Additionally, it eliminates the risk associated with parimutuel type wager, where odds can fluctuate until post time.

Here & , that is why it matters:

A player may place a$ 100 wager at 2 to 1 odds five minutes before post time in accordance with the current parimutuel betting regulations.

But, a sizable sum of late money arrives on the same horses just before the doors open. As a result, the chances become still.

In the blink of an eye, that initial wagerer’s$ 200 win was reduced to$ 100, costing him$ 100 in potential profit.

There are an unfathomable number of large stakes that don’t get placed as a result of this dynamic.

However, the fixed-odds program will persuade the major gamblers to take part. Additionally, it will align horse racing with other sports, which have fixed chances at the time of the original wager.

In essence, fixed odds bets becomes its own subgenre of horse race bets.

For example, a casino can use the fixed-odds method to place some unique bets on an upcoming race. Additionally, just before the race, he or she can place a completely different set of wagers in the parimutuel lakes.

Officials in the racing industry anticipate significant fresh profits. Particularly if fixed-odds betting comes before highly-bet competitions like the Breeders Cup, Kentucky Derby, and Preakness Stakes.

However, fixed-odds betting won’t be available at the beginning in exotics like acca, trifect, or superfecta bet.

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Steady growth expected

The development is powerful, but the process does grow slowly. It will start at life race tracks and is expected to gradually attain the entire online gaming marketplace over the next five years.

& , We see a time when there will be 100, 000 different races that can be sent out on a regular basis, & rdquo, Dennis Drazin, the head of Monmouth Park operator Darby Development, recently told PlayinСolorado. & , During the pandemic a couple of years ago, people couldn & , t bet on much and when they were desperate for betting content, they switched to horse racing.

& , Five years down the road, there will be 20 times the number of eyes on horse racing as there is now. It will be on every system you then use for general sports betting. & rdquo,

That means any avenue in which the wide array of Colorado & , s online sportsbooks can be accessed. And that, of course, is in addition to the revolutionary new way to play local race tracks themselves may be offering.

Secrets to the composition

In order for the offer to work in New Jersey, some parts of the fixed – odds bets calculation had to be happy.

First, the supply of new cash into the race revenue container must be divided between horses( jockeys, trainers, etc. ) and the competition record controller. & ,

That necessitates a common understanding.

& , Sometimes it can be difficult for all parties to reach an amicable arrangement during negotiations. Drazin said,” Andrdquo.” & , Given that there is additional funding involved, you assume that all parties can work things out, but they do need to do so.

& , As an operator in our situation, I wanted to be kind to the horse. We saw to it that the horse got half the cash. This aids in keeping handbags higher, which improves the racing’s value. & rdquo,

A portion of the new income share is given to both parties.

But in New Jersey, that & is one of the factors at play.

In the second scenario, a mate with deep pockets who is willing to take on bank risk is involved.

BetMakers Technology is located in the Garden State, to be precise. The tech behemoth from Australia is a significant power.

First, in the event of & , cannibalism, it makes horsemen and the track whole, according to Drazin. & rdquo,

That entails making sure fixed-odds betting lakes don’t deplete the parimutuel control of funds.

assuming the position of bookmaker

Additionally, BetMakers serves as the casino, establishing chances and taking chances by taking on the actions of powerful players. & ,

This protects any particular trail from high-rolling gamblers who could reach them with six-figure individual wagers.

Tracks now have this coverage with varying real-time odds on the parimutuel aspect.

On the fixed-odds area, BetMakers thinks it has a strategy to make this work. & ,

Through its Global Racing Network, the business acquires fixed-odds operating rights at a specific track and mdash, in this case Monmouth Park. This is done in order to give wagering operators an easy-to-understand one feed.

To provide customers with the tracks for which BetMakers provides material, it charges the bookmakers a charge.

Therefore, BetMakers’ 15-year data and supply agreement with Monmouth Park gives them a longer window of time to sign up customers( as it did when it annex PointsBet last month ).

Operators who want to use Monmouth Park & ’s signal for races with fixed-odds wagering must make a deal with BetMaker in order to receive the product.

In return, BetMakers gives the bookmakers the analytic tools they need to maintain a horse racing book. & ,

They also have a part for making conflict, so they can choose the chances they want.

Colorado events will undoubtedly be keeping an eye on things because they will follow suit with comparable procedures and discussions.

concentrating on the big picture and

The goal of the game for BetMakers is to enter into multi-year contracts with many tracks and obtain the authority to signal several receiving tracks to place fixed-odd wagers.

BetMakers hopes to disperse hundreds of thousands of tribes to users across the nation once all the deals have been finalized.

This not only increases its revenue as a material provider but also gives it the tools it needs to manage the wagering process.

BetMakers invested several million dollars in the process to get ready for the British fixed-odds business. That covers Sportech’s attainment in 2021.

With that agreement, Betmakers Sportech & , a company that offers global parimutuel technology and services to horse-race betting operators, gained market share. & ,

This was a significant resource in its plan for fixed-odds betting.

Offers like the one at Monmouth Park make feeling to guess designers because they penetrate the lucrative American market.

Australian bettors & , according to Dallas Baker, the head of international operations for BetMakers, have wagered more than$ 30 billion + in recent years on horse racing. And that & , comes from a population of 25 million & .

In contrast, the United States, which last year wagered and won$ 12 billion on the horses, has more than, 300, million, and .

In other words, the American business is a gold mine that is just waiting to be exploited.

And this is just the start.

Colorado has set itself up to be the next recipient by approving fixed-odds wagering. & ,

The Centennial State is, however, watch how the New Jersey type develops in the interim.

The framework it wants its unique fixed-odds wager system to take can then be decided.

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