Colorado Avalanche Postseason Bettors Should Proceed With Caution

Written By Jon Humbert on 05/03/2022Last Updated on May 5, 2022

You & , even if you’re limping into the playoffs, are still standing.

The Colorado Avalanche, however, might end up like a wreck they conceal behind the( goalie ) mask they use, much like the classic Elton John song.

So it & , best-of-seven Western Conference first roundup between the Avs and the Nashville Predators in a & .

The following is the series schedule( all times MT ):

    Tuesday: 7:30 p.m.( ESPN ) in Colorado.

  • Thursday: 7:30 p.m.( TNT ) in Colorado.
  • Saturday: 2:30 p.m.( TNT ) in Nashville
  • Monday: 7:30 p.m.( ESPN ) in Nashville
  • May 11: in Colorado, TBD( if required ).
  • May 13: if needed, at Nashville, TBD
  • May 15: in Colorado, TBD( if required ).

The top-seeded Av are anticipated to face much opposition.

However, extreme prudence is in order.

Av are favored greatly.

Colorado&;s online sportsbooks and the betting market are certainly making it clear that they expect a colossal demolition by the Avalanche.

Take BetMGM Colorado for example.

The Avs have been named the sportsbook’s whopping – 700 favorite to win the series and a gaudy– 350 & , to take home Game 1 on Tuesday night at Ball Arena.

To make sure I understood the set value properly, I performed a Discount Double Check. That & doubles the Florida Panthers’ 350-vs. the Washington Capitals as the next-highest first-round favorite. & ,

It&;s even nuttier on the liabilities for the Lion on the Stanley Cup winner.

The Avs opened at +600 as the favorites and now they are down to .

Those Bengals were + 2500 and have since dropped to + 550. However, the Avs have won three times the BetMGM tackle of second-choice Florida. & ,

If the Preds remove the shock, the publications will clear up.

Or take it on the chin like a Joe Sakicpunch to the face of Doug Gilmour.&;

What is the value, Where & ?

Let’s get crystal clear about this now.

This is a blatantly pro-Colorado article that was published online. However, we may in good conscience claim that placing bets on friends of that size is worthwhile. & ,

Can we really recommend pitting the Predators against the greatest Avalanche squad in company story? & ,

Let’s get started.

Like our &;Profit from Pain” concept from last fall, leaning toward the Preds protects us on both ends.

Even small wagers can yield outstanding results. And if the Av perform as expected, it will be simple victories and our favorite team will advance to the meeting semifinals. & ,

That & isn’t too bad.

And the odds are in our favor, so we might be able to make some quick money.

a Yeti vs. Sabertooth cats

The Predators may actually be a tough out for based on their new past, the Av.

In the previous 10 sessions, the teams have been 5 – 5 straight away. That includes the Vcs giving up a 3-1 advantage last week at home.

Yes, the Avs have been tending to Mikko Rantanen, a items machine captain, and injuries and illnesses.

On almost 36 % of its energy plays, Nashville has scored. Additionally, more than 76 % of the Predators’ penalty kills have been successful.

For an Avalanche squad that is 15th for PK, that & represents a significant imbalance.

The Preds is score, as we all know.

And then, with a back Nashville goalkeeper scheduled to play the first two activities, Colorado has an opportunity to get back on track.

Predators coach John Hynes said main netminder Juuse Saros will be out at least Games 1 and 2.

That & is a fantastic opportunity to wager overs & mdash, which the Avs have won 55 % of the time this year at A & .

Anything better than – 200 for an over 6.5 goals could be a wise wager given Landeskog’s anticipated return and the Avs’ home court.

We must exercise caution.

The Avalanche work as a whole group.

Colorado has made wise investments at the appropriate moment.

The Vcs have made advancements in ball control.

And they&;ve found a consistent top-tier goalie who gets scoring support.

Therefore, it’s time to remove the rust, purge the ghosts from last year, put an end to the playoffs crash, settle a dozen bets, and restore the Stanley Cup to its rightful place.

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