Circa Sports Finds Its Way Into Colorado For Legal Sports Betting

Written By Derek Helling on 02/10/2020Last Updated on April 7, 2020
Circa Sports betting Colorado

The possibilities for casino brands expand as more states make sports wagering legal. One of the most recent of these companies to enter a new business is Circa Sports.

The Las Vegas-based company then has a contract with Century Casinos for market entry. Even though there are also some information to work out, the betting might go live right away.

Circa Sports plans to move live in Colorado as soon as possible.

There are two Century Casinos locations in the Centennial State. These games are located in Cripple Creek and Central City.

It&;s unclear in a press release whether Circa will operate the retail sportsbooks at both or either of the casinos. The release does mention online wagering, however.

Decade also has two more skins available, so it’s possible that Circa will only be used for online betting. Colorado would be the first location for this kind of bet since Circa runs a retail reserve in Las Vegas.

Getting to market at first crack may not be possible if Circa & , its only presence in Colorado, is online. Circa & ’s hands have a portion of that & requo in them.

Why Circa might need to rush before moving to Colorado

It & is typical for retail sportsbooks to go live before online components in the majority of states. This is due to the fact that it is simpler for officials to assess real operations.

Sports betting law in Colorado & places a moratorium on legal betting until May 1. Although May 1 is the first moment that casinos are permitted by law to take bets, there is still no assurance that this will occur.

Each passport owner must still receive the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission‘s approval before it can start. Casinos also need time to get ready for these checks.

Online casinos typically take longer to complete that operation, but Circa anticipates being prepared for May 1. Bettors in Colorado might have a wide range of possibilities right away if that turns out to be the situation.

On Colorado & ’s first day, Circa might be a part of the crowded field.

Betfred, DraftKings, FanDuel, and theScore Bet are some of the other Colorado-based betting companies with online parts. All of those companies announced market access agreements for Colorado before Circa, so it & is likely that they are making preparations on schedule, if not a little ahead of it. There might be more to come.

Circa must establish as soon as possible because some of those rivals bring more brand recognition to the market. In other states, DraftKings and FanDuel are powerful users, and if they get a head start, they’ll probably take over the majority of the market in Colorado as well.

Circa & , however, believes that being alive on May 1 is not the only way to become relevant in Colorado. In terms of consumer convenience, alluring odds, and special programs, the product must also be economical.

Century and Circa might be able to identify the company in the Centennial State if they can come up with a successful marketing strategy. They have time to plan, but it’s unlikely that they will be able to replicate their victory from Las Vegas in Colorado through virtual gambling.

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