Caesars Merger Brings Greater Benefits To Colorado Casino Players

Written By Marc Meltzer on 07/23/2020Last Updated on February 10, 2021

Colorado gamblers now have access to rewards at Caesars Entertainment casinos all over the US as a result of this week’s significant corporate casino merger & .

Isle Casinoand Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk have joined forces with the commitment scheme for Caesars Rewards. Members of the Fan Club & loyalty program for Isle and Lady Luck & can connect their accounts to Caesars Rewards.

Linking loyalty plans may benefit Colorado people at Caesars locations all over the nation.

acquisition of Eldorado Resorts

This week, Caesars Entertainment and Eldorado Resorts completed a merger that&;s been in the works for more than a year. Technically, Eldorado is buying Caesars, and keeping the name since it&;s one of the most well-known casino brands in the world.

More than 55 games, including two in Colorado, are owned and run by the combined business. Eldorado Resorts owned both the Isle and Lady Luck games in Black Hawk. Although they are still apart while the businesses merge, both are now officially a part of the Caesars household.

Prior to the merger, Caesars CEO TomReeg stated that the business could change some of its properties’ names to well-known ones, such as Harrah & , s, or Horseshoe. That & , however, is a topic for another discussion.

Even though the merger is established, the companies won’t be combined right away. According to Reeg, it should take about a year for all of the properties at Eldorado Resorts to fully integrate into the Caesars & system.

However, both loyalty plans have now undergone some changes.

Returns from Fan Club and Caesars Rewards

For the foreseeable future, patrons of Isle Casino and Lady Luck Casino did keep using the Fan Club rewards programs. The Caesars Rewards plan may be implemented by the two games at some point in the coming year.

With about 40 million people, Caesars Rewards is one of the biggest US game commitment applications. Eldorado Resorts will be adding an additional 10 million people to Caesars Rewards through various loyalty programs.

People of the Fan Club loyalty program may connect Caesars Rewards to their active addresses in the interim. Players can website accounts to employ points for rewards in the other program even though the two programs will continue to be independent.

Members of the Fan Club have access to Caesars Rewards and you use their CO positions at any Caesar’s location, including Las Vegas. Similar to Fan Club, Caesars Rewards people you sign up to use some of its advantages.

This temporary solution isn’t great, but it offers customers more options for rewards than ever. Caesars Rewards did finally own Isle Casino and Lady Luck Casino. When the movement of the fresh individuals is finished, earning and using benefits may be simple.

Using Caesars Rewards to exchange funds

Although it is not difficult, the process of exchanging reward credits does get a few minutes because there are some innovative features.

You’ll begin with & , Status Match, and / or %, which will match the status of your Fan Club to the corresponding Caesars Rewards status.

    Visit MyRewards & rdquo and sign in at xxxx.

  1. Choose & from Fan Club, Exchange Credits, andrDquo.
  2. Select Isle or Lady Fortune games, then enter your account information.
  3. Request Status Match by clicking & . & rdquo,

Tier benefits like waived resort fees for Diamond and Seven Stars members are part of Caesars Rewards & . are helpful when traveling to Atlantic City and Las Vegas. View a complete listing of rank advantages here. Members of Caesars Rewards & and Seven Stars should contact a host to request matching status.

When attempting to transfer credits, the procedure requires a little more work. One Caesars Rewards reward credit is similar to five Fan Club points.

    Go to / myrewards & and register there.

  1. Visit the section titled” Reward Credits and Reward Points Transfer & rdquo.”
  2. To move Fan Club items, choose Isle or Lady Luck games.
  3. Your profile amount must be entered.
  4. Provide how many points you want to transfer.
  5. TransferPoints, click & . & rdquo,

Any Eldorado Resorts home loyalty club can be connected to Caesars Rewards and vice versa with the help of the FAQ section.

What’s the point?

Linking commitment applications requires some effort, but the outcomes can be excellent.

More than 55 Caesars Entertainment locations across the US today offer details to Fan Club people who play at Isle Casino and Lady Luck Casino.

Similar to this, Colorado residents who play at Caesars Rewards games can benefit from discounts and complimentary rooms.

The advantages and partners of Caesars Rewards are superior to those of the majority of US game commitment clubs. Waiving costs, eating savings, and access to lovers outside of the casino-resort are additional reward benefits in addition to free hotel stays.

The two commitment venues are likely to merge over the course of a year. Once they do, using and earning Caesars Rewards may be simpler. It will take some work for the time being to improve benefits between the loyalty programs.

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