Wildwood Casino Review

Review of Casino Wildwood

One of Colorado’s 40 gambling is Casino Wildwood, which is situated in Cripple Creek. Fertitta Entertainment acquired the property from American Gaming Group in November 2021, and it is expected to formally visit the Golden Nugget product in the summer of 2022.

Casino Wildwood bills itself as the” highest game in the world” at 9, 593 feet above sea level. &# 8221 The casino has 14 table games, a poker room, and 503 slot and video poker machines. Additionally, it is smoke-free, as are all games following Colorado’s implementation of an enclosed smoking ban.

On the home, there are two restaurants, a coffee shop, and two resorts: the Wildwood Hotel and the Gold King Mountain Inn.

Casino Wildwood

    Target: Cripple Creek, Colorado, 119 Phosphate St.

  • Fertitta Entertainment is the user.
  • Fertitta Entertainment Operator
  • 24 hrs / 7 days a week are the time.
  • 503 games, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker are casino games.
  • Sportsbook: In July 2020, Woody , a retail sportsbook, and BetWildwood’s mobile sports betting app debuted.
  • Poker: Em, Stud in Mississippi, and Ultimate Texas Hold are some of the featured tables.

Casino Wildwood Sportsbook

Both the retail sportsbook Woody and the BetWildwood mobile app made their debuts in July 2020.

A full bar and restaurant, as well as a sizable TV wall, can be found at Woody . Both solution windows and betting kiosks are present.

In June 2022, the first BetWildwood app will be discontinued, and the casino website has announced the launch of a new sports betting app called &# 8220. &# 8221,

Casino Wildwood gaming

Casino Wildwood has more than 58,000 square feet of gaming space which features 503 gaming machines and 14 table games. At more than 9,000 feet above sea level, it also lays claim to being the highest casino in the world.

Wildwood is the location of two eateries and two establishments.

At Wildwood, which is reputed to be the Cripple Creek casino with the most winnings in a four-year period, the slot and video poker machines cost between pennies and$ 100.

The highest permitted by Colorado law, 503 slot and video poker machines are present on the property, ranging in price from pennies to$ 100. Typical three-reel spinners to brand-new interactive reward games with hundreds of paylines are all available on the machines. There are also a ton of liberal slot machines available.

The house also hosts well-known slot competitions on a few Sundays.

Colorado gaming restrictions only allow for popular table games blackjack, craps, roulette and poker at the state’s casinos. Casino Wildwood offers the opportunity to play them all at its 14 tables.

The home provides less popular games, such as:

  • Double-sided casino
  • , Ultimate Texas Hold, em
  • Stud in Mississippi
  • Blackjack benefit in Buffalo
  • Casino with three cards and a prize of six

Casino Wildwood rewards program

The rewards program at Casino Wildwood is called the Players Club, which is unique in that along with comps, discounts and rewards for playing, it also includes the ability for members to sign up for Wildwood Perks. The perks program offers discounts to popular retailers throughout the country such as Amazon, Disney, Domino’s and more.

People of the Players Club can advance up the five layers by earning more points the more they play. Members receive one point for every$ 1 of slot play and$ 2 of video poker play in each succeeding tier, earning them more comps, rewards, and discounts.

Here are the five layers, their respective points of entry, and some of their advantages. Points may become earned over a three-month period.

    0 – 12 Emerald: 499 details. 10 % off at restaurants and 99 cents on meal.

  • 12, 500 – 24, 999 items for Sapphire. Every three months, there are two free room stays, a 20 % restaurant discount, and$ 10 bonus comp every month.
  • Sapphire: 25, 000 to 74,999 items. Every quarter, there are six free space stays, a 40 % restaurant disregard, and ambassador service.
  • 75, 000 to 149, 999 items for the gem. Every three months, there are six free rooms, a 40 % restaurant discount, an ATM reimbursement, and an ongoing$ 100 bonus.
  • 150, 000 + positions in dark. Two-times point multiplier per day, a 50 % restaurant discount, eight free space stays per quarter, set upgrades, and an ongoing$ 200 bonus.

Casino Wildwood hotel amenities

Currently Casino Wildwood is home to the 67-room Gold King Inn and the 104-room Wildwood Hotel, which opened in 2020.

The Gold King Inn allows its guests to use a fitness center, swimming pool, hot tub, completely Wi-Fi, and animals are also permitted. It is a smoke-free establishment.

The Wildwood Hotel has four hospitality villas, a 1, 000 square feet multi-purpose area, 10″ high-roller” apartments ,” and up to 100 people can use the top place.

Wildwood kitchen

There are a pair of restaurants to choose from at Casino Wildwood:

    American Joe’s Diner providing super-stuffed sandwiches, tasty burgers, and sharp salads for breakfast. Christmas and weekly promotions, too.

  • The ideal location to unwind, enjoy activities on television, and sample common restaurant fare is Woody’s Sports Bar and Grill. defense personnel receive special promotions.

Casino Wildwood history

The Wildwood is the highest game in the world, according to the casino, at 9, 593 feet above sea level.

The blackjack itself opened in May 2008 along with the Gold King Inn, and construction on the brand-new four-story, 101-room Wildwood Hotel, which debuted in June 2021, began in 2019.

Now that it is being acquired by Fertitta Entertainment, it is possible Casino Wildwood will undergo even more changes and/or upgrades.