Broncos Day 1 Draft Recap: Is Denver Closer To Playoffs After The Jeudy Pick?

Written By Ian St. Clair on 04/24/2020
NFL Draft Jerry Jeudy

Thanks to the NFL Draft, Drew Lock now has a new weapons.

And it & , one that ought to aid in bridging the AFC West’s Grand Canyon-like chasm between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs.

Lock and the Broncos act are on the brink of becoming frighteningly great after years of insulting incompetence in Mile High City.

After months of rumor and speculation,John Elway used his first-round selection&;on Thursday to take Alabama receiver Jerry Jeudy.

It was widely believed that Denver would have to make a deal to acquire Jeudy if it wanted him. He was there for the Broncos at No. 15 is still somewhat of a surprise. Some people believe that Jeudy is the most perfect receiver in the draft.

Not only was Jeudy there, so was Oklahoma&;s CeeDee Lamb. You couldn&;t go wrong with either receiver and ultimately Elway and the organization went with who they had as the top-ranked player on their board. The addition of Jeudy earned high praise from various draft analysts.

Now that you’ve combined him with Courtland Sutton, you have a device duo in Denver that rivals any in the NFL.

After the pick, Broncos head coach Vic Fangio told the Denver media,” I think any time you get a receiver that’s hard to cover, that stresses the defense, & rdquo.” It’s that easy, And, It & . He & , in our opinion, is difficult to conceal and, once he does, can run fairly well with it. It’s as easy as that, it & . Can you or can’t you support him? & rdquo,

The Broncos act has a lot of potential.

When you consider the Broncos act as a whole, Lock and fresh offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur have some significant possibility.

Denver has experienced acts since the 2013 period ended that only scared it.

The devices will now be paired with working backs Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay as well as tight end Noah Fant.

Elway improved not only the act but even his player.

When asked how relaxing it is to have the device place set, Elway replied to the press,” It is a great fat off of my arms and our arms.” & , I believe that was undoubtedly a significant place of need for us. We needed that position no only, but also to improve Courtland because, as we saw at the end of last year, they were attempting to remove him from the competition. We are aware of his talent as a basketball player.

In addition to being necessary — we needed someone— the addition of someone will also significantly improve Courtland. It & , it’s nice to be able to go to bed on Thursday night knowing that we have the desired receiver. Then we & , we have a significant time on Friday. We’re looking forward to that because we have four takes. & rdquo,

What does the season’s meaning think?

Does choosing Jeudy in the opening large improve the chances of the Broncos winning? reach the finals? Does that raise the overall number of wins they receive?

Similar possibilities exist for Denver to make the playoffs for sportsbooks DraftKings and FanDuel. FanDuel has yes at + 162 and no at – 205, while DraftKings has & , yes, and / 165.

They both have more than 7.5 wins at – 110 and fewer than 7.55 win totals for the regular season.

The desire for the Chiefs is that the space on the field has fairly closed, but not when it comes to the odds. Kansas City continues to be a strong favourite to win the Super Bowl and the AFC.

What will happen next in the NFL Draft?

In the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft, between, Elway and Denver have four takes. In the following, one, and in the third, three.

The Broncos stand a great chance of improving the group on the next day of the document. Denver doesn’t have to offer up any of that money to acquire Jeudy, which is advantageous.

One possibility is the Broncos used some of those of their picks to move up in the second round. It was reported that Denver tried to move back into the bottom of the first round, but was unsuccessful.

Any draft’s objective is to make your staff better.

There is only one choice, but Elway and the Broncos chose Jeudy in addition to more.

The offense of Lock and Denver & has the potential to get really good.

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